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Jeffery Crawford Creative Event Drapery Logo
 Jeffery Crawford Creative Event Drapery provides  design based event support services for weddings and live events across Ontario, Canada.  We deploy creative solutions with a core focus in event drape, wedding & event backdrops, photobooth and editorial backdrops, stage & scenic backdrops, tent drape & ceiling canopies, chuppahs & mechitzas, arches & arbours, chair covers, event lighting, wedding ceremony aisle runners and  event carpet.   
We also design, fabricate and provide rigging & installation services for temporary decorative installations that include seasonal, retail,  marketing and scenic displays for commercial, institutional and municipal projects. 
Based out of Muskoka, the heart of Cottage Country and centrally located in the province,  our service area also includes, Haliburton, Simcoe County, York Region. Durham, The City of Toronto and all over the Greater Toronto Area. 
My team and I have been providing professional event & wedding design, decor & drapery services since 2007. Learn more about who we are and how our design experience and innovative spirit can help you achieve the creative vision for your live event.  We want to hear from you! So please introduce yourself  and let's get started!
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Jeffery Crawford Creative Event & Wedding Drapery | Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

+ event & wedding lighting

Light up your live event or wedding with bright solutions from Jeffery Crawford Creative Event Drapery. Adding up-lighting, down-lighting or lighting wall washes to venue walls, drape, backdrops and around your event space creates a luminescent environment that adds drama to the atmosphere and amplifies the tone and mood.


Using colour lighting to bathe the drapery in virtually any colour imaginable will accentuate any theme. With our vintage Edison string lights you can add a charming vintage feel to your special event or wedding or utilize our pin-spots to enhance your table centers. View the event & wedding lighting colour selections 

Lighting can also make a venue appear larger than it is, and at night, will make sure everyone stays safe and enjoys their evening. In addition, having good lighting is essential for capturing all the event's best moments in pictures. Overall, lighting will play a major role in your ability to achieve  the atmosphere you desire for your event.

Our designers will custom design a lighting plan that accentuates the desired features of your event décor and create the right atmosphere. The lighting design is perfectly complimented by our rigging and installation services you can be sure the lighting is professionally installed and set up.



Uplighting will wow your guests by transforming your venue and adding ambience.
The right kind of illumination will also get those details noticed, create awesome effects and ambience and will be a striking compliment to your décor. Up-lighting creates a really dramatic impact. Available in a variety of colour choices to tie into your colour story for your event


Market Lighting/Edison Bulb Strands

Market Lights are string lights that provide lighting for outdoor or indoor events, such as Weddings, Corporate Events, or Parties. Our market lights create a warm romantic ambience, and give an intimate feel to any event or wedding.


GOBO (graphical optical blackout) Lighting

Gobos are used with projectors and simpler light sources to create lighting scenes in theatrical and special event lighting application. They create shapes and graphics, in automated systems the shapes can be moving.


A projected  monogram or other graphic image adds a personalised touch to your wedding or event.  Your monogram can be displayed to create a dramatic effect on walls, ceilings, dance floors and even backdrops.  Multiple images can be projected on all the surfaces of the event to enforce the theme such as forest silhouettes on the walls or a 'sky' full of clouds or twinkling stars on a ceiling.


Chandeliers are used at weddings in creative ways to add accent and drama.  Decorate with a single chandelier fixture, group chandeliers, or hang them from distinguished areas such as tents, arches or gazebos. Chandeliers can also be suspended from trees to create a look of enchantment and sophistication. 


Pin Spots


Pin spots are focused beams of warm white light, projected onto tabletop focal points, such as centrepieces, wedding cakes, artwork, and auction items. Pin spots highlight these elements, making them stand out in photographs and in person.

Pin spots are light fixtures with specialised bulbs inside, that are narrow spotlights. The pin spot fixtures are secured to freestanding support hardware or suspended from the tent or ceiling. They are focused by professional installers to maximise the impact they make. Perfect pin spotting is like an art form, making the tabletop decor elements glow just right.

Contact our designers to see how special event lighting can transform your event space.